Camille Women's Edwardian Boots (Burgundy/Black)


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Camille Edwardian Boots are delicious reproduction Edwardian boots with that something more that makes boots of this period so incredible.

These tall boots feature a shaped top, leather foxing throughout, and a gorgeous 3 in / 7.6 cm French heel. Wear these beautiful boots with both historic dress and modern attire for a splendidly turn-of-the-century look with interesting details and gorgeous materials. The Camille boots, named after Camille Clifford, are perfect for reenactment, Can-Can, Goth, Lolita, and Western dress.

As a lace-up boot, the Camilles are very adjustable for a wide variety of ankle and low-calf measurements. The top of the Camille boots does not extend to the widest part of the calf muscle. Measurements scale a little based on size.

Calf Size Range - 12 in - 17 in / 30.5 cm - 43.2 cm
Ankle circumference (edge to edge) - 9 in - 11.5 in / 22.8 cm - 29.2 cm
Boot height (does not include heel) - 8.5 in / 21.5 cm

Camilles come with an additional set of extra-long laces - 154 in / 391 cm long.

Materials & Sizing

  • Uppers are handstitched velveteen foxed with calf leather
  • Calf Size Range - 12 in - 17 in / 30.5 cm - 43.2 cm
  • Custom made French heels are 3 in / 7.62 cm high, and perfectly balanced for all-day comfort.
  • 100% leather sole, perfect for dancing
  • Leather collar with textile lining
  • Shaft measures 8.5 in / 21.5 cm
  • 6 in / 16 cm cm wide tongue with lace keeper loop
  • Camilles come with an additional set of extra-long laces - 154 in / 391 cm long.
  • "B" width (average)
  • Adjustable lace up closure with grommets
  • Runs true to size for most customers.
  • Order a half-size larger for wide-width feet, or if you prefer your shoes to fit more loosely, or intend to wear with thicker stockings.


    Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
    Width Women's regular/medium width
    Size Chart
    Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart US, Euro, UK, Inches & Mondopoint


    Color Black/Burgundy
    Upper 100% Calf Leather and Velveteen Textile
    Lining Pigskin leather & cotton textile
    Sole Leather
    Heel Leather Covered
    Heel Height 3 inch / 7.62 cm
    Footbed Lightly Padded
    Closure Laces
    Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
    Materials People's Republic of China
    Assembly Made in China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    OEIL Richard

    superbe !!! Ma femme dit que c'est de vrai pantoufle.

    My new favourite pair of shoes!!

    I just received my camille edwardian boots (black/black) and I'm so in love with them!! The quality is perfect, really orth the price. I was a litle bit worried they won't fit perfectly, as I have slightly large calves, but not at all, in fact the boots looks like "made to measure", as they suit me so well!! (I ordered a size 9.5 instead of 9, based oh the comments & just to be sure I'll have enough room...)
    So now I think I'll order the paris in black, as i live in paris...:-)
    Thank you american Duchess for making such beautiful creations!! I feel like it's a beginning of a long love story beetween you & me!!


    As a lifelong phan when I saw these, I knew that they were to be mine. and i regret nothing. they are beautiful, so comfortable to walk in and a dream come true! the quality is fantastic too! I'm in love!

    Ultimate comfort for my difficult feet

    My darling friends bought me these beautiful boots for my upcoming wedding . When one gets married in a dark green late Victorian ballgown replica, one needs matching shoes. So my eye fell on this beautiful pair after watching a Bernadette Banner video about American Duchess.
    I got them yesterday. Putting them on was a little bit difficult, but that was purely because I am used to zippers and I was scared to death of damaging the shoes while putting them on.

    But, when they were on, strapped, tied, cosy and snug, they were so comfortable, and my feet are Difficult with a capital D. They are flat, sensitive, combined with hallux valgus, the whole nine. But there is no pinching, no pain, no discomfort, nothing!! This is extremely rare for me!

    I am beyond happy with these boots, and once I have worn them on my wedding day, they will be worn many a day after that!


    As a lifelong fan of The Phantom of the Opera, when I saw, that you could buy the boots from the show i was so happy! I saved up and bought them and they are so worth it! Absolutely stunning, superbly comfortable and just perfect all around. I have wide calves, so i was really worried but they still fit! I also bought a size larger, since i have a bunion and they fit like a dream! So if you're thinking about buying them, DO IT!