Silk Stockings (Ivory, Openwork)


Ivory Openwork Silk Stockings are the perfect legwear choice for your Romantic Era, Victorian, or Edwardian costume. Made of quality ivory silk, our ivory silk stockings feature of tone-on-tone openwork woven pattern on the front of the leg, come up above the knee, are fully opaque, and will stay up on their own, can be rolled, or tied with ribbon garters.

Choose our ivory openwork silk stockings for your Victorian and Edwardian ensembles, to add period accuracy and detailing to a well-turned ankle.

Made in the U.S.A.

See our tutorial about how to seam the stockings or to reduce excess footage for small feet.

Materials & Sizing

  • 70% Silk & 30% Nylon
  • Top quality silk with woven tone-on-tone openwork pattern on the front of the leg
  • Stockings come up above the knee, and stay up without garters
  • Will fit women's shoe sizes US 6+
  • Maximum stretch circumference at top is approximately 21 inches / 53 cm. However, we find that they are more comfortably worn when stretched to no more than 17 inches / 46 cm at the top. For wider legs, cut the top band off, fold the edge and finish with loose zig-zag handstitches, and wear with a ribbon garter for an excellent historical touch!

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